Hello there. My Name is Kyaw Tun Sein.

I am from Myanmar and currently in UK. After a 24hr VR game jam in Brighton in Sep 2016, I decided to push for true potentials of immersive technologies. I have two goals in 2018 (1) to build useful non-game applications using immersive tech that can positively impact lives of people and (2) to spread words about how immersive tech can help us become better.

I am currently co-founder of Ikigai Factory where we build whatever we want. Just joking. We spent a year building a VR app called REVR with the mission of eliminating non-transparent property listing of traditional real estate agents. We are now working on an online course to encourage more developers to build non-game applications with immersive tech. A few other exciting things are brewing and will make them happened in 2018!

I don’t have computer science background. I am a mechanical engineer with the love of design, especially industrial design. I went to Makers Academy in 2016 to learn coding and programming.

I believe technology combined with design can change the world for the better. The future designer will be taking on challenges that will have real impact rather than slight improvement on existing products.

I share opportunities for Myanmar young people here and I practice my design thinking skills here and I support SME entrepreneurs here. I also love teaching kids coding and making at CypherCoders and MakerClub.