New Year in Myanmar

New year water festival 2016 in Yangon

It is good to be back home, eating good food and spending time with loved ones. Weather is hot as usual. But this year temperature is around 40’C during the day and it is unbearably hot during the day to go out. Imagine taking public transport with natural cooling windows. The only problem is that the air is not cool at all.


It is strange that I don’t see those old green wooden buses in Yangon anymore. They were actually military carriers from World War. Just Google it and you will see many of them.

Preventing bacteria growth in plastic bottles using Sunlight?

Purifying drinking water business seems to be booming. My family has been ordering bottled water since I remember as a kid. I see new headlines about bacteria growth in the plastic bottles reused, contaminating the water as well as foul odor and taste. I think people will consume water this way for many years to come here. It would be interesting to think about how to build infrastructure to provide clean water to every home. No doubt that it would take some out of the box thinking.

Bottled water delivery two times a week

I also get a chance to play with a new gadget my mom bought for checking her blood pressure. Not sure if it is accurate. I quite like it and it only costs about $10 to buy. It injects air around your wrist just like a doctor would do and slowly releases the pressure. I want to open up and see but my mom would be mad.

It shows blood pressure (mmHg) and heart pulse (bpm)

Now back to hot weather. I am one of those people whose hands and feet sweat more than normal. One of the reasons I prefer cold weather. As I wear slippers here, my feet would become dirty at end of the day. It is also uncomfortable and slippery. I need a solution. I googled it and it is called “Hyperhidrosis” and 3% of the world population is claimed to have it.

Kitchen oil absorbent papers (before)

When a waiter give me oil absorbent papers for my fried chicken at Thai restaurant, I ask for extra and sneaked them into my pocket. I experiment with it and the result is not so bad. I walked around the house for about 30 minutes with it and it gets tear apart. May be I could improve on this. Ah! Something to design now.

After 30 min.

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