Home Office

I didn’t really notice that today is 1 Feb. The first day of the month is usually a good time for house moving. The plan is to turn my new big room into our home office. It works out pretty well! The table is big enough for three to four people to work, probably five people max. Quite a good day to remember as a first day at the new home office.

With the help of my team mate, it only takes two trips to move all my stuff. However, moving the most important asset of our start-up, our office table, take three trips to move piece by piece. The Ikea Bjursta table is just so heavy but no complain as we are in love with this table now. We are going to do amazing things on you!

Riding on the streets of London with office chairs is fun. Thanks to startup home. It doesn’t cost us anything at all for everything we need in the office. I love the concept of startup home where entrepreneurs live together, share experiences and collaborate together. The startup home london currently lacks the collaboration part but i am sure they are working hard towards to it. I might suggest some of the ideas I am thinking to them.

I realize the power of empathy in design again. Today, I am taking note of the user journey of floor plan creation with the mobile app. Putting ourselves in the users’ shoes really brings insights otherwise impossible.


When I was young, I remembered everyone said there is a guardian angel for the house, the room and even pillow. So, you need to treat the house or the room with respect and care. It is true in my own way. I have been monitoring about my feelings, concentration and distraction level with the different environment i am exposed to. I am sure my brain is  busy working out things that I couldn’t even imagine or guess. Every room that i am in, my brain would be making sense of it for me. I notice my feeling whenever I am in the room that i have never been. The feeling of no previous associations with the room, some kind of a blank slate. Then, the activities that i do in that room paints the picture and my brain keeps that painting next time I am in the same room. One example is watching youtube videos on my bed in my bedroom before sleeping. After a few night, I feel the urge in my bedroom for this activity before sleeping time. The urge is not there if I am not the bedroom. Because of that, I start to respect and care for my bedroom since my bedroom is basically my entire house. So, tonight, i am painting my new bedroom the way I want for my brain.

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