Morning Lock

Alarm clock for early risers.


Getting up early in the morning is great for productivity. With the rest of the world asleep, you are able to focus on important tasks without distractions.


It is very difficult to get out of bed earlier than usual wake up time. It is because of our body clock/circadian rhythm. At night, we find it hard to sleep earlier and thus we experience sleep deprivation when the alarm clock rings at 5 am in the morning. Our body is now against our will power to get us more sleep. So, we switch off the alarm clock and sleep back.


Morning Lock is designed as an aid to reset the body clock. The idea is give the user more time to wake up (our body needs to increase temperature, blood pressure and stress hornmones) and move the user to a different environment with no visual reminder of sleeping. Morning Lock prevents the user from snoozing their phone alarm clock and wakes the user up by making him/her walk to where the key is to unlock and stop the alarm clock. This behaviour change achieves the change of environment where there is no visual encouragement for sleep.

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