168 Hour Clock

Most of us do not give enough time to think long-term. One of the reasons could be that we are not taught to think long term. The longer term we think, the more uncomfortable we feel. The more long term we think, the less time we give. For example, we will only spend a minute or two to think about what is our goal in 10 years time. One reason is that it is very hard to prioritize. Prioritization takes a lot of time and energy but we expect otherwise. I designed 168 hour clock with those thoughts in my mind. I would like to help people think a little bit more long term. 168hour clock is designed to help people think what is the goal of the week so that they will focus on achieving that prioritized goal. The radial count down of 168 hour clock visualize the time passing against the prioritized goal.

It is on Kickstarter.






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