Actual Reality Headset

We see the world through our own invisible lenses. Most of us wear only one and think that we cannot change our lens. This is a project to help people understand that we can and should change our lens regularly. One example would be learning to see view points of other people to solve conflict and build empathy. Another would be to see things differently to understand and reflect better.

I remembered Google April’s Fool video in 2016 about Google Cardboard Plastic and I always wanted one but it is a shame that they didn’t product it.

So, I decided to make 100 of Actual Reality Headsets to support Make/100 campaign from Kickstarter.

For me, it is a reminder for me that my actual reality is full of wonders. 2018 has many new experiences I can take like hugging strangers in need or chat with a homeless person. It reminds me of kids wearing a physical thinking hat. I was curious what others will see!




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