REVR 1.0

This project started by the simple idea to remove the barrier of distance.

The iOS app is available to download on Apple App Store.

Today, we move across the globe and we pay to take shelter at many homes. We rely on 2D content like photos and videos to guess what those homes might look like. It is always a surprise, good or bad. For long term stays, a physical visit is a must. But what if you are looking for homes to rent in another far away city or country? Could 3D or 360 content add value? By how much?

REVR is an app to answer those questions. It is a tool to create 360° virtual tours of properties easily and intuitively on your mobile mobile. The created tours can be viewed on websites and VR headsets.

The app is currently being used by Student Accommodation providers, Renting and Sale agents. After many months of gathering insights, current conclusion is that it needs an innovation in delivery channel to scale the impact until everyone owns VR headset.


Do VR in 2017 needs to be delivered like Phone Booths in 1920s? 

public telephones

NY’s Old Penn Station Phone Booths  (source)

Recent Live Demo of REVR 

First quick prototype done in Unity

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