World's first mobile app that can create 360 virtual tours of properties for real estate photographers, agents and home owners.


Home owners and agents distort reality by using 'best angle' photos and omitting facts to increase interest in the property and get more people visiting. This wastes time and energy of renters and buyers, especially international renters who cannot check out the properties physically.


Today, everyone search for homes through online portals. We imagined the future of online property search where buyers and renters can visit properties virtually to find the suitable homes saving time and energy. Our approach is to to educate both sides. We decided to build a technology that can increase unique selling point of the agents which will then benefit renters/buyers.


The solution is to make 360 virtual property tours as a standard over property photos. Therefore, we created the virtual tour creator mobile app.


Ikigai Factory

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  • concept
  • prototyping
  • UI/UX
  • user research
  • sale + marketing
  • business development
  • deployment

The Result

Virtual tours are proven to be unique selling points USP for real estate agents. From the feedbacks, agents are currently REVR mobile virtual tours by using REVR mobile virtual tours to win their compeitions and marketings.

“The feedback we have recorded from property owner, student tenants and other stakeholders have been incredibly positive and we look forward to working with yourselves again!”

— Matthew Ward, LUSU Living Manager.